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Kurt Egelhof
Band on the run (EN)

The Radiobook by Kurt Egelhof captures the atmosphere of the seventies and eighties, and the unthought-through choices of two students who are rebels without a cause. Their anti - world of drugs, music and sex brings them into conflict with those who have political goals and aim to overthrow the apartheid government. The juxtaposition of disorganised, disinterested youth who have no claim to any real musicianship and who drift into the political manoeuvrings of double crossing, double agents, offers a fascinating re-enactment of those disenchanted times.

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Kurt Egelhof

Kurt Egelhof is an actor, writer, director and producer. He studied a drama degree, as one of only a handful of black people in an otherwise all white class in the 1980's. Egelhof cut his teeth in theatre in the eighties, but in the last fifteen years has mainly worked for television. In his critically acclaimed play For Generations (2008), Egelhof investigated the male lineage of his family – tracing the line from his grandfather through to his son. He speaks of hardship, of intermarriage, of racial injustice and of the "debt" owed and the restoration that needs to take place.

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